Narendra modi Biography Real Life Story,Speech and Aim

Narendra Modi Biography Real Life Story, Speech and Aim

Narendra modi Biography Real Life Story,Speech and Aim

Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of our country. In the 2014 elections, he won the BJP (B.J.P) with the absolute majority. Today, Modi has created a sense of belonging to his personality from childhood to the country.

Narendra Modi's life started in a very simple manner, but with his hard work, he achieved extraordinary success. Today in this article, we will learn about Amazing Journey and History of Narendra Modi from the days of Modi's tea selling to the Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi Real life History

Three years after India's independence, Narendra Modi was born in a small town of Gujarat (Vadnagar), Vadnagar. Modi was his third child among six children of Damodar Das Modi and Hiraba Baa.

His family was very poor and lived in a raw house. Two-time roti also got very difficult. Narendra Modi's mother used to clean the utensils in the neighborhood so that they could nurture their children. His father used to run a tea shop (Tea Stall on Railway Station) at the railway station. Modi used to raise his hand in his father's tea shop in childhood and used to sell tea in train coaches. These struggles have a profound effect on Modi.

In addition to managing the tea shop, Modi also took full care of the education. Modi was very fond of reading. They used to spend hours in their school's library often.

His classmates and teachers tell that Modi was an excellent speaker from the beginning and had the wonderful ability to lead them. He used to take part in plays and speeches very well.

Narendra was very interested in sports too. Modi used to celebrate the festivals of both Hindus and Muslims with equal enthusiasm. Modi was very brave from his childhood. Once he had taken a young boy in his arms and brought him home. Such was our small Narendra.

Since childhood, patriotism in the country was filled with patriotism. During the India-China war in 1962, Modi used to take food and tea for him in a train filled with soldiers at the railway station. During the Indo-Pak war in 1965, Modi also served a lot of jawans.

At the age of 17, Modi left the house and started his spiritual journey. They visited different parts of India. He visited Rishikesh in the Himalayas, Ramakrishna Ashram in Bengal and North-East India and then returned home after two years.
Narendra modi Biography Real Life Story,Speech and Aim

From these visits, he got the privilege of knowing Swami Vivekananda more deeply, who completely changed him. When he returned home, his motive was clear- Serving the Nation. He stayed at home for only two weeks and then left for Ahmedabad.

Going there, he will go to R.S.S. RSS is an organization that works for the social, economic, and cultural development of the country. Modi became the publisher R.S.S in 1972. They got up at five o'clock in the morning and worked late into the night. Despite this busy routine, he completed his education and earned a degree in Political Science.

Being a publicist, Modi visited various parts of Gujarat and understood the problems of people closely and understood the problems of people closely. In 1975, when the dark clouds of Emergency were in the country, then R.S.S was banned. Nevertheless, Modi continued to serve the country by changing the way and strongly opposed the wrong policies of the government.

RSS, he was appointed to the BJP. Narendra Modi organized a grand ceremony of Advani's Ayodhya Rath Yatra in 1990, with senior leaders of BJP (B.J.P.) being quite impressed. Thanks to his amazing work, his height continued to grow in the BJP.

Political life

Narendra modi Biography Real Life Story,Speech and Aim

In 2001, a terrible earthquake occurred in Gujarat and there was huge destruction in entire Gujarat. Unhappy with the relief work of the Gujarat government, senior BJP leaders made Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Modi took the relief work very efficiently and restored Gujarat. Modi made Gujarat the best state of India They delivered electricity to the village. For the first time in the country, all the rivers of the state were added so that the water in the entire state was overcome.

Asia's Largest Solar Park was built in Gujarat. All the villages of Gujarat were connected to the Internet and tourism has also been promoted (Tourism has also Promoted).

During Modi's time, unemployment decreased significantly in Gujarat (Unemployment Decreased) and there was considerable strength in the security of women. Due to these reasons, the people of Gujarat appointed Modi Chief Minister (C.M.) for four consecutive terms.

Seeing Modi's success in Gujarat, the big leaders of BJP (B.J.P.) declared Modi the Prime Minister Candidate of 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Modi had many rallies all over India which thousands of people used to listen to him. Modi also took advantage of social media and talked to millions of people.

Having become Prime Minister (P.M.), he is leading India efficiently and is delivering India to new heights. He made many foreign tours and strengthened India's image throughout the world. That is why there is a lot of investment in foreign investment abroad. Modi also has a very good relationship with neighboring countries.

Modi introduced several schemes like Jan Dhan Yojna, Clean India Campaign, Make in India and Digital India, which has a lot of development in India. Used to be.

Narendra Modi Personality

Narendra Modi is a very industrious person. They work 18 hours and sleep for a few hours. They are pure vegetarian and keep fast for nine days of Navratri. Modi takes great care of his health and makes Yoga every day, even if he is anywhere.

Modi always dresses clean and people see him as a fashion icon. Besides being a leader, Modi is also a poet and writer. They raise their mentality with millions of youth from their speeches and in them the country develops a sense of devotion.

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Narendra Modi Speech

Narendra Modi Biography Real Life Story, Speech and Aim